undressing to dress others

the world's largest charity underwear run

Until ASU BB Run 2015 on May 1st, 2015

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More likes than any other ASU event, and more likes than any other college underwear run in the world. ASU Bras & Boxers Run (ASU BB Run) has been holding the crown as ASU’s end of the year tradition for nearly 7 years. More than 50,000 Sun Devils have crossed the finish line at the annual event held on the last day of classes.

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What can we say? We’re photo-worthy. When you search terms like Undie Run and Bras & Boxers Run (BB Run) on the internet, you will only see photos of ASU’s most photographed end of the year tradition where thousands of Sun Devils gather to literally donate the clothes off of their backs to charity.

44,000 lbs of clothing donated

Not only do we have the most amount of people come to our event but we also donate more clothing than any other event. In addition to the 44,000 pounds of clothing, we have donated nearly 10,000 pounds of food.

"It is safe to say that the ASU BB Run helped more than 500 people at André House alone get a full set of clothes that fit — people who would otherwise not have been able to find good clothes their size."

− Eric J. Schimmel, director of André House

"Expect one of the best nights of your college career"

− 2011 ASU BB Run President, Sean Leoni

"#4 On The 10 Signs You Went To Arizona State University"

− Phoenix New Times

"I’m excited for my first BB run at ASU, I know all my friends always go and have a blast, and I guess it’s time to join in on a great tradition."

− Spanish junior, José Ruiz